What’s on Your Agenda? Getting the Most from Family Meetings
On Demand 

Webinar Moderator: Kristi Daeda
Presenters: Wendy Sage-Hayward, Dana Telford
Date: June 17, 2015

Ready to rev up the engagement of your family meetings? This webinar shares strategies, stories and creative approaches to get the most from your family meetings while creating a rewarding experience for all involved.

You’ll learn how different families:

  • Find a healthy balance between information, education and fun.
  • Determine which facilitation model is the best fit for the family’s communication needs.
  • Create an ongoing, productive dialogue that helps build trust and guide decision making.
  • Enhance family learning by using working groups and committees.
  • Attract and involve family members of every generation.
  • Use meetings in support of long-term planning.
This introductory presentation is ideal for families just starting the process or in the early stages of conducting family meetings.
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