Essential Family Business Policies
On Demand 

Moderator:Kristi Daeda
Presenters: Otis Baskin, Michael Fassler
Date: October 28, 2015

The secret behind many successful family businesses is that they develop policies for predictable challenges before they escalate into divisive issues. Family business policies allow families to ensure alignment around common questions and head off potential conflict that can arise when sticky situations become personal. By having a guide for decision-making, your family can build in fair processes that when applied consistently can result in acceptance of and commitment to decisions on the most personal of matters.

Geared for family businesses in the early stages of developing policies, this presentation will cover the essential guidelines to help you along the way. Fundamental policies we will discuss include:

Buy-sell agreements
Ownership rights/responsibilities
We will also share processes for creating policies — and more importantly — sticking to them!

Who should attend:

Family business owners and leaders in enterprises that are beginning to look at family governance
Board members and advisors who have an interest in supporting family harmony
HR practitioners in family firms dealing with family employment and compensation issues
Next generation leaders who want to ensure that good structures for success are in place

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