Building Healthcare Networks that Solve Big Data Congestion

As a healthcare provider, you rely on advanced technologies such as electronic medical records (EMR), picture archiving communications systems (PACS), diagnostic imaging, and telehealth applications to improve both the quality and safety of patient care offered by your organization. These applications have become main stream and are contributing to improved patient care, better health outcomes and faster recoveries. The performance of these applications and their ability to improve patient care is directly related to the capacity and resiliency of the hospital’s network infrastructure. Is your network keeping up with the demands of new medical applications that can quickly congest your organization’s network with large data files? Do your future needs require that you adopt advanced electronic medical record archives or to make more network data available to improve diagnosis and patient care? Join Healthcare Informatics in an open panel discussion with leading hospital IT professionals to learn how they have met the challenge in solving their network throughput and capacity demands with reliable and flexible network infrastructure enabling advanced patient health care.
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