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Speakers: Angelika Lipkin, Senior Manager of Client Communications, Higher Logic Gini Arnold, Social Media Strategist, rFactr

You'll use the results of the 2014 Association Social Media Survey to evaluate where your own social media program stands.

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Speakers: Lewis Flax, Tracie Clemmer

Are you wasting time targeting the wrong sponsors? Are you wasting opportunities to grow revenue because you only offer traditional sponsorship opportunities such as conferences or events? Many associations are. That’s why so many associations find they’re spending more time and energy just to come away with one-time sponsorship deals. Then, for their next event, they have to start all over again. And that’s why some associations have stopped thinking about sponsorships. Instead, they’re focusing on partnerships—and using all-new strategies to build long-term relationships that make it easier to win more revenue from corporate supporters. Here’s how you can do the same!

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Speakers: Lesley Boucher

When it comes to turning members into fans, segmentation strategies and loyalty metrics can make a difference. But to make a breakthrough, you need something more: a fail-proof way to target engagement efforts, service improvements and the entire membership experience at what members value the most. Best of all, it’s likely you already have the data to launch this powerful, member-centric engagement strategy. That’s right! When you apply “engagement filters,” you can mine member feedback and employee insights like never before to engage members in an enduring, high-value relationship that raises their satisfaction—and your organization’s success— for years to come. Here’s how to go beyond traditional engagement strategies and switch on a brand new engine for driving growth and revenue.

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Speakers: Lance Simon & Jo Lynn Deal

Online learning can be a highly profitable source of non-dues revenue. It can also be a magnet for attracting and retaining members. So why don’t more associations have eLearning programs? The reason is the high cost of developing new digital content. Fewer and fewer associations have that much “extra room” in their budgets. But what most organizations do have is content that already exists: articles, reports, conference recordings, webinars and more. Now, three association eLearning experts reveal how to transform existing content into brand-new digital content—and use that content to create and market a strategic and successful eLearning program.

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Speaker: Kevin Whorton

How does your association set pricing for membership, subscriptions and services? Done strategically, pricing becomes a powerful tool you can use to fund operations, build brands and reward loyal members and customers. Being strategic, however, means doing far more than marking up cost and dividing it by your estimated sales target. In fact, this “cost plus” approach can undercut your association’s financial performance—and cost you members. To achieve your mission and reward members, you’ve got to rethink how you assess, test and communicate pricing. Plus, with today’s intense competition for members and customers, you’ve got to make sure every “price tag” is right for your unique audience. Here’s where to start:

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