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Bill Hudson, Outgoing CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance
Corey Rosenbusch, Incoming CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance
Jeremy S. Lurey, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Architect, Plus Delta Consulting, LLC
Shira Harrington, Founder and President, Purposeful Hire, Inc.

In addition to learning the crucial elements of a succession plan, you'll be shown an actual case study that shares real-world implementation lessons learned from the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

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Speakers: Rich Bar, Partner, GKG Law Steve Fellman, Partner, GKG Law

In just 90-minutes, two attorneys translate their expertise in credentialing and antitrust issues into practical knowledge that you can use immediately to establish and enforce voluntary industry standards, credentials and codes of ethics.

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Speakers: Angelika Lipkin, Senior Manager of Client Communications, Higher Logic Gini Arnold, Social Media Strategist, rFactr

You'll use the results of the 2014 Association Social Media Survey to evaluate where your own social media program stands.

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Speaker: Sarah Sladek

The Millennials born between 1982 and 1995 are now the largest generation of Americans and a powerful voting bloc. Even beyond this year’s elections, Millennials will have a profound influence on our country’s direction. The question is: will you have the influence to turn Millennials into an asset for your grassroots advocacy efforts? To do it, you’ll need fresh, “entrepreneurial” strategies that resonate with this very different generation. You’ll need to understand what they value, how they think and how they communicate. You’ll need to harness Millennials’ activism, innovation and readiness to take matters into their own hands. And you’ll need strategies that make Millennials true partners in inspiring passion and making a difference. Now, here’s the expert guidance you need to create this next-gen approach to advocacy.


Speaker: Richard I. Greenberg

With employment lawsuits on the rise, does your employee handbook have what it takes to protect your organization? It can, but only if you’ve crafted that handbook with today’s best risk-reduction techniques. Get rid of common mistakes that could prove costly in court. Avoid policy language that should never be part of an association’s handbook. Include all the right policies and present them to provide clear guidance in the workplace and strong protection in court. Here's how to do it all:

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