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Speaker: Jeff Hurt

All associations, professional societies and other nonprofits recognize the need to create alternative revenue streams. Unfortunately, new products and services won’t generate any revenue at all unless they sell. What if you could spot the ideas that are most likely to be successful—before you invest resources developing them? And what if you could efficiently develop the best of those ideas into products and services so closely aligned with your target audience that new revenues start streaming in? You can—and meeting industry expert Jeff Hurt shows you how!

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Speaker: Tracy King

Professionals have less time and budget for traditional live-learning events. eLearning programs give associations and nonprofits the opportunity to address this need—and hold onto vital revenues. The challenge is that online programs are very different from traditional learning programs. If you promote them, price them, develop them and deliver them with a traditional strategy, your online programs will fail to meet learners’ expectations … or yours. Why risk trial and error? Let an eLearning expert show you the pathway to profits!

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Speaker: Brian Finch

You know that the cyber-attacks on Target, Ashley Madison, Anthem, and the Office of Personnel Management generated astronomical recovery costs and tons of poor publicity. But did you know that associations and nonprofits are equally prone to suffering devastating cyber-attacks?Associations need to be aware of the wide variety of cyber-threats confronting their organizations on a daily basis, from data breaches and insider threats, to ransomware and other forms of attack. With limited resources for cyber security, associations need to be aware of threats and how to manage associated risks before issues arise.

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Speaker: Katharine Meyer

Safeguarding your intellectual property must include protecting tests and certifications. Otherwise, you can lose control over the quality of those credentials—and all they contribute to your organization’s revenue and reputation. Unfortunately, credentialing is more complex than many other intellectual property assets. For example, you need an extra layer of protections to defend against competitors, uncertified individuals and even people who want to compromise the exam itself. You also must make sure your program--and the exam itself--both meet the ADA’s new legal standard. Now, here’s expert guidance on how to do it.

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Speakers: Jeff Altman and Michelle Evans

Staff gatherings, holiday parties, live convention demonstrations and Board outings provide vital education and bonding opportunities. But what if something goes wrong? What if a participant gets hurt? What if property is damaged? You might think your standard contract with vendors or the meeting venue will protect against liability. Chances are, it won’t. Instead, your organization could be held legally—and financially—responsible for making things right. Those costs could be staggering. That’s why it’s vital to have the right legal documents, the right insurance and the right meeting planning practices in place before your next event. Here’s where to start.

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