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Speakers: Angelika Lipkin, Senior Manager of Client Communications, Higher Logic Gini Arnold, Social Media Strategist, rFactr

You'll use the results of the 2014 Association Social Media Survey to evaluate where your own social media program stands.

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Speaker: Jennifer Jackman

Defending a single harassment claim could bankrupt your association. A discrimination lawsuit could prompt donors and sponsors to back away. Plus, long before actual charges are even filed, a negative environment can take a serious toll on productivity and member and staff retention. Clearly, harassment and discrimination are risks you simply can’t afford. But how do you manage them? First, make sure you understand how today’s state and federal laws define workplace harassment and discrimination—and where associations often go wrong. Then, put the right policies and training in place. If claims or lawsuits do arise, be ready to minimize the chances that things will escalate. Here’s where to start…

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Speaker: Jerry Jacobs

Nonprofit leaders and association board members are finding that mergers and other strategic alliances can free them from the struggle of trying to meet growing needs with shrinking funds. In fact, mergers can create cost-savings and synergies that generate the resources and momentum to keep member services and programs going strong. Could a merger make the difference for your association? The first step is to understand when mergers do (and don’t) make sense. Next, you must look ahead at how you’d get buy-in and avoid frequent pitfalls. Then, if a merger is right, you need to find a way to reach an agreement without letting sky-high consulting fees ruin the value of the merger itself. Now, let one of the association community’s top merger experts guide you through it all!

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Speaker: Tracy King

Continuing education programs can help associations grow their membership and generate non-dues revenue. No wonder so many associations offer these programs! In fact, between live programs and virtual eLearning, even good learning programs can have a hard time getting attention and standing out from what competitors offer. That’s why “good” is no longer good enough! You need to take your learning program to “great.” To do it, you need to define the strengths and gaps in your current program. You need to troubleshoot common problems that are sinking so many other learning programs. And, finally, you need to take a strategic approach for developing content, formats and value unique to your association. Here’s where to start.

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Speaker: Heather Stombaugh

This 90-minute webinar starts where Grant Prospecting, Part 1 left off, with webinar grants expert Heather Stombaugh continuing your exploration of “deep dive” techniques and how to use them to improve your speed and success grants prospecting. Now, you’ll go even deeper, looking more closely at strategies for how to focus your efforts on funding sources most likely to award you grants. In Part 1, you learned how to prepare for a deep dive by targeting the right databases and using advanced techniques to make keyword, indexing and search work harder to find you the right prospects faster. In Part 2, you’ll see what happens as these techniques go into action, pulling up prospects whose needs and priorities align closely with what your own program delivers. Throughout the webinar, Stombaugh shares “deep dive” tips that have helped her raise over $70 million for nonprofits.

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